We’re changing to HVO Sustainable Fuel

Lowering our environmental impact

Taking a cruising holiday in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands is a great choice for fans of slow travel.  You can enjoy the stunning scenery as you gently cruise along, watching the wildlife along the riverbanks and tasting the freedom that comes with the escape to the waterways.  

Slow travel also involves lowering our environmental impact and Carrickcraft are always striving to become more sustainable.  With that in mind, we will change from diesel oil to sustainable HVO from the start of the 2024 season.

A cleaner and healthier marina

HVO is a sustainable, low carbon replacement for diesel oil and will reduce our emissions by 92%.  In independent tests, it was shown to improve performance and reliability when used as a marine fuel.  It will also lead to a cleaner marina and healthier atmosphere for customers and staff.  

So, you can now hire a boat with Carrickcraft knowing that you are contributing in a positive way to a more sustainable environment.  

Diverse Flora and Fauna

This change will also help to preserve habitats for the diverse flora and fauna that you may encounter on your journey.  In particular, the Shannon Callows, between Lough Ree and Lough Derg is home to a wide variety of bird life and diverse plants and flowers.  

As you relax on your cruiser on the River Shannon, take time to enjoy the natural environment and the laid back approach to life.